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Conservatorship To Protect Your Loved One's Estate

As our loved ones age and become infirm, they often lose the capacity to manage their own legal and financial affairs. If they have significant assets, they can become targets for abuse by caregivers, businesses, scam artists, and even some family members.

Having your elderly loved one grant a power of attorney to you as agent will have some effect, but it will not give you total control over financial assets. Your parent or grandparent may still be able to make poor decisions out of fear or confusion.

How To Protect Aging Loved Ones Who Can No Longer Act For Themselves

The only way to ensure you can control the assets remaining in your loved one's estate is to petition the court for conservatorship. If granted conservatorship, you will be in position to assume control of decisions regarding:

  • Living arrangements
  • Financial investments
  • Charitable giving
  • Establishing a trust and assignment of a trustee
  • Real estate title transfers
  • All other matters related to financial and legal affairs

An Experienced Estate Lawyer You Can Trust

If you reside in San Diego County and have questions about petitioning for conservatorship over a loved one in California, call the law office of Paul V. L. Campo Attorney At Law, in Vista. Call us at 760-691-1081 or send an email to arrange an opportunity to explain your loved one's circumstances with attorney Paul Campo as soon as possible.