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Handling Your Loved One's Final Affairs

For most people, facing the death of a loved one causes an emotional upheaval in their lives. Whether the death was unexpected, came relatively quickly following a brief illness, or was the result of an illness that progressed over years, when death comes, they are left facing emotional challenges.

While dealing with the grieving process, many of us are also left trying to manage the financial and legal challenges related to probate matters and administering the estate. There are often a full range of matters to deal with, including:

  • Probating the will through the courts, determining the validity of the will
  • Compiling income and investment documents for final income tax returns
  • Resolving will disputes or litigation between heirs and beneficiaries
  • Establishing a trust and trustee to place life insurance and other assets in trust
  • Distributing trust assets to heirs and beneficiaries per the terms of revocable or living trust
  • Resolving disputes about the distribution of trust funds, breach of fiduciary duty
  • Working with creditors and contractors to resolve outstanding balances
  • Addressing concerns regarding business partnerships and succession plans
  • Overseeing investments, qualified retirement accounts, pension annuities and Social Security
  • Determining if veterans benefits may be available

The hurdles to overcome can seem daunting and frustrating, particularly since the family representative will also be grieving the loss of a parent or other cherished loved one.

You Don't Need To Face These Things Alone

Before you start making lists of things to be done, collecting records, and calling offices and agencies, begin by talking to an experienced probate lawyer. Call us at the law office of Paul V. L. Campo, Attorney At Law, in Vista, California.

Our law firm has been helping families in north San Diego County for more than 30 years. We know what issues must be addressed, and when; we know where to look for the records and reports; and we know how to help you navigate through the process efficiently and affordably.

While You Focus On Your Family, We Focus On Your Probate Matters

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